New Advanced Precious Metal Powder

Find out more about our latest powder out of development

Launching this week is our latest powder – 14K Yellow Gold

Our 14K yellow gold powder has been fully developed for use within 3D printing, with testing taking place over the last 6 months to fine-tune its parameters.

The new powder will be suitable for anyone looking at alternatives to 18K gold and especially for jewellers looking to create and design more economical pieces. It’s Nickel-free, and still retains the high-quality repeatable results we see with all of our alloys.

14K Yellow Gold is paler in colour, and typically in traditionally created pieces is actually more durable than 18K due to its alloy composition – making it a fantastic option for daily wear jewellery such as wedding bands, rings and watches.

We’re working on launching 14K Red and White gold very soon to keep expanding our range of Advanced Precious Metal Powders for a wide range of industrial and jewellery based applications.


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