It all begins with an idea

Consultation Process

It all starts with you

Your idea is the foundation of exploring what’s possible. We will talk around your designs and ideas fitting together our Precious Metal expertise with your concept.

Optimisation is the key

Your design is enhanced by our experts. Our team of specialist designers optmise your design for Additive Manufacturing, making sure your part goes beyond traditional manufacturing.

Concept to reality

Testing to the limits. Once printed, we test your part- finding what makes it tick and then making it better, testing in its real-life use.

Refined and ready

Your design made real with Precious Metal, perfectly formed for your application.

Flexible Options for your Business

We offer flexible purchasing options suitable for both machinery and material purchase – suitable for any budget and size of business.  With a variety of support packages including our scrap, refinery and assay services, material development of new powders for your machines and set-up packages for new machine purchases.

With you all the way

If you decide to purchase a machine, we’ll be on hand every step of the way to help you set up everything you need. We offer you machine testing, prior to despatch, giving you peace of mind that your machine is optimum condition and we can offer you a setup service with your machine purchase or lease.

Refinery, Assay and Metal Scrappage

We have been working with Precious Metal assay, refining and scrappage for over 10 years and provide a high-end service for the recycling of precious metals. We also provide assay and hallmarking, with clear and transparent labelling of the quality of each metal.


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