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Discover how your industry can take advantage of Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Transform your Precious Metal Production

Additive Manufacturing is transforming industries across the world and those who use Precious Metals could see real benefits in utilising this new technology. Developed initially for rapid prototyping, it is now possible to create finished pieces in one step – reducing costs, materials and enabling true design exploration.

We work across a wide range of industries to deliver a customised solution designed for your business needs.

Jewellery & Watchmaking

Unlock your creativity.

Jewellery, watchmaking and luxury goods can benefit from the unique shapes and designs that are possible with Precious Metal AM. New shapes and styles made where they couldn’t be before. We started printing in precious metals for jewellers, enabling them to begin designing for this new technology and transform the future of jewellery making.

We work with jewellers and designers to help build one-off pieces or entire collections.


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