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Flexible machine purchase options, helping you get yourself set up with AM.

Each of our machines is designed for printing with Precious Metals. Working with our partners EOS GmbH, leaders in Additive Manufacturing machine supply.

As part of our end-to-end solution, we can offer flexible sales and leasing options for our machines. We can be with you every step of the way for your installation, offering the support you need to take the next step in Additive Manufacturing.

EOS M 100

Technical Data:

Build Volume – Ø 100 x 95 mm (Ø 3.9 x 3.7 in) (height incl. build plate)
Laser Type – Yb fibre laser; 200 W
Precision Optics – F-theta lens; high-speed scanner
Scanning Speed – up to 7.0m/s (23ft/sec)
Focus Diameter – 40µm
Power Supply – 200 – 240 V
Power Consumpton – Max 1.7 kW/ average 0.60kW
Inert Gas Supply – Max. 400 hPa, 50 l/ min
Inert Gas Consumption – For flooding: up to 600 l/ during building: up to 2,5 l/ min


W x D x H – 800 x 950 x 2,250 mm (31 x 37 x 89 in)
Recommended installation space – min. 1.00 x 3.00 x 2.5 m (3 x 10 x 8 ft)
Weight – 580 kg


EOSPRINT, EOS RP Tools, Cambridge or Materialise Magics Metal Package and modules

For further information on the EOS M 100 click here.

Precious M 080

Technical data:

Building volume – Ø80mm x 90mm
Precision optics – F-theta-lens, high-speed scanner
Focus diameter – Less than 30μm
Power consumption – maximum 2.5kW


(B x D x H) – 800mm x 950mm x 2250mm
Recommended instal space – min 1m x 3m x 2.5m
Weight – 580kg Laser type – Ytterbium-fibre laser, 100W
Scan speed – Up to 7.0m/s (23 ft./sec)
Power supply – 200 – 240v socket or fixed connection
External gas supply – 5 bar operating pressure recommended
Data preparation
CAD interface – STL
Network – Fast Ethernet


EOSPRINT, EOS RP Tools, Cambridge or Materialise Magics Metal Package and modules


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