Your concept made real - Additive Manufacturing for Jewellers and watchmakers.

Additive Manufacturing offers true flexibility and creativity in your designs. Unique geometries and shapes are harnessed to form your jewellery, watches and more.

Our Bureau Service

Bespoke printing with Precious Metal Additive Manufacturing

Taking the hassle and expense out of Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing and enhancing your craftsmanship with new techniques.

Simply upload your file to our wetransfer site, where our team of experts will review your file and provide your quote and once you’re happy, your print is created and delivered to you.

Made for experimenters

Additive Manufacturing works in partnership with your craft while freeing you to design and produce more pieces without losing your defining touches. If you’re already creating pieces with CAD design then our service is perfect for taking the next step in jewellery making, watchmaking and more.

How does it work

Making your designs a reality

  1. It begins with your design as a CAD STL file.
  2. You then need to upload your file to our secure file transfer service.
  3. We’ll provide a quote within 48 hours as well as being on hand to answer any questions.
  4. We will prepare your file for building, adding supports if needed then slicing your file. This is how we build the layers to print and the supports if they’re required.
  5. Once approved your piece is printed, processed and finished to your required standard.
  6. We ship your finished part to you with a secure courier service.


Once your file is approved, we will provide a completion date for shipping your pieces.

To submit your file visit our WeTransfer site.


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