Advanced Precious Metal Powders

Designed for multi-application use. Made to be repeatable, consistent and high quality.

Introducing Our Precious Metal Powders

Made with your application in mind

We have created and developed our range of Advanced Precious Metal Powders for use in a wide range of industries, including large scale industrial, manufacturing and luxury goods such as jewellery.

The powders themselves can be used in:

  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing (AM)
  • Metal injection moulding (MIM)
  • Press & sinter technology
  • Industrial brazing

Produced for consistency

As part of a commitment to quality and ensuring repeatability of our products we run rigorous quality checks to ensure the characterisation of the powder we produce is the same across every batch. We use state-of-the-art in house equipment to produce and test our Advanced Precious Metal Powders to ensure all of our powders are spherical, allowing them to flow like water in any machine.

18K Yellow Gold

The Original Powder

18k yellow gold and its distinctive golden hue is a dense metal that is chemically inert and malleable. Its properties make it ideal for multiple applications, especially for electronics due to its conductivity of both heat and electricity as well as its tarnish resistance.

Suitable Applications

  • Electrical connectors
  • Antenna and Amplifiers
  • Men’s and Women’s Jewellery
  • Orthodontic Supplies, including precision tools, fillings, crowns and bridge

Alloy Composition and Information:

  • Gold Percentage: 75.10%
  • Silver Percentage: 12% + Zinc-Free Copper
  • Colour: 3N Yellow Gold

18K Red Gold

Fashionable and Distinct

18K red or rose gold powders, create a uniquely toned piece which creates beautiful and durable jewellery pieces and a lower cost due to its higher copper content.

Rose gold has become a favourite among designers and jewellery makers for its tone and distinctness but favoured for its flexibility in design.

Suitable Applications

Luxury jewellery making
Wedding rings

Alloy Composition and Information:

  • Gold Percentage: 75.10%
  • Silver Percentage: 4.5% + Copper (zinc-free alloy)
  • Colour: 5N Red (Rose) Gold

18K White Gold

Premium Quality Finish

18k white gold is a newer alloy and is often confused for silver. Our white gold powders are formulated with palladium to provide a more robust alternative to silver. It’s higher melting point can mean that this powder will create more durable pieces with a high-quality finish. It can be used as a cost-effective replacement for platinum.

Suitable Applications:

Luxury jewellery making
Wedding ring

Alloy Composition and Information:

  • Gold Percentage: 75.20%
  • Palladium percentage: 13.90%
  • Silver Percentage: 3.0% + Brass
  • Colour: Premium White

14K Yellow Gold

Affordable Luxury

Our latest powder, 14K Yellow Gold. Offering a universally flattering colour and the most desired alloy for jewellery making for its price and quality. As with all of our alloys, it’s nickel-free content makes it perfect for creating the latest collections.

Suitable Applications:

High end and luxury jewellery

Alloy Composition and Information:

  • Gold Percentage: 58.70%
  • Silver percentage: 5%
  • Colour:  Yellow Gold

925 Sterling Silver

Simply Sterling

925 Sterling silver, known worldwide for its shine and malleability and its distinct look, with a wide range of uses across industries from jewellery to manufacturing. Its inert nature can also make it viable for medical implants.

Suitable Applications:

Jewellery making
Medical Gauze
Medical Implants

Alloy Composition and Information:

  • Silver Percentage: 93.30%
  • Colour:  Silver


The Rarest of them All

950 Platinum powder is prized in jewellery applications for its high corrosive resistance, its effective electrical conductivity and its prestige. Platinum is nearly twice as rare as gold making it precious in its application.

Suitable Applications:

High end and luxury jewellery
Alloy Composition and Information:

  • Platinum Percentage: 95.0%
  • Ruthenium percentage: 4.5%
  • Colour:  White


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