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Material Development

Understanding the materials we use for 3D Printing is key to unlocking their potential. We know that each material from silver to platinum behaves differently when exposed to a high energy laser beam. To produce parts tailored to you, we’ve created a material development service, researching the best methods to build your designs to your desired specifications.

Precise yet flexible

Your application and its needs are at the forefront of our mind. Whether it’s increasing the resolution of the build, reducing build times or producing fully dense parts. Once we understand your priorities we can then tailor the machines to suit – by adjusting power, speed and the pattern the laser traces across the surface of the part. All of these parameters work together to produce parts to your desired specification.

A Balancing Act

Finding your exact parameters for your application is about striking a balance between speed, precision and mechanical properties you need. This requires significant amounts of investment, time and research – making sure when you come to print your design, it’s as easy as possible.

Removing Barriers

We develop, test materials and parameters that you need to adopt this technology, enabling you to take your production to the next level.

Parameter and Material development helps unlock your design potential and will allow you to revolutionise your production methods.



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