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Additive Manufacturing offers true flexibility and creativity in your designs. Unique geometries and shapes that will form your next collection.

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What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a new technique in jewellery and watchmaking that offers true design flexibility compared to traditional manufacturing. Previously the only way to craft was to remove materials – limiting creativity – now, with Additive Manufacturing it’s added. This offers more designs choices such as mimicking nature, fine detailing and complicated structures to create striking pieces.

How we print your piece

Your design begins as a CAD file, which is then converted into a cross-section – creating the necessary layers to build your design.  Adding our Advanced Precious Metal powder, the piece is built in layers and fused with a high powered laser. Once each layer is completed, the build plate drops down to create the next layer and this process repeats until it’s completed. We remove the powder, hand polish and finish your item to your required standard.

Movement built-in

Create fully articulated pieces as one, adding movement and flexibility to your design – without additional build time or assemblies. It is possible to create pieces that spin, bend or clip together easily. This movement is difficult if not impossible to achieve using casting or wax-resin printing.

No Longer Set in Stone

With Additive Manufacturing, not only can stones or other objects be set like traditional jewellery, it is possible to insert them into the build – adding more possibilities for crafting your pieces.


The weight of your piece can affect it’s cost, especially when working with precious metals. Traditionally manufactured jewellery is typically higher cost due to the dense components. When using Additive Manufacturing, it’s possible to remove unnecessary materials by creating hollow structures inside your design – without affecting the overall beauty of the piece.

Eye-catching Differences

Adding multiple metals to your piece allows you to create eye-catching pieces. Our process allows for faster and easier multi-metal integration. We build the parts as one, making it faster to craft and create your piece.

Bureau Service

We’ve made our bureau service as a way for all jewellers and watchmakers to explore what is possible with design. Offering a bespoke print service for your designs in any of our precious metals. Allowing you freedom from casting or moulding, our service is open anyone who works with CAD design and wants to print small or one-off pieces to create their own collection. Our team of experts are on hand to help you craft your idea, helping you optimise your designs for 3D printing.

Your collection in a day

Your collection can be built in as little as 24 hours. Our machines operate overnight and without operator supervision. We build multiple pieces together to reduce materials used as well as reducing time to completion.

Other Services

We aim to provide you with everything you need to be able to produce your pieces, offering you:

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing Training –  to help you get started with 3D printing
  • Metal development, refining and scrappage
  • Machine leasing and purchase options – for those looking to expand their operations
  • Powder purchase options – offering true flexibility for your AM solution.
  • Stock production and storage – if you are ordering larger volumes then we can store and courier stock as and when it’s needed.

If you need jewellery supplies to help complete your finished piece visit our sister site for all our full range of jewellery supplies.

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