Scaling your Precious Metal Production

From stock management to research to your next big idea. Make it real with our bespoke Project Management services.

Working for your goals

Part of our end-to-end service is offering you project management services, to help you focus on the end result, making it our goal to understand yours.

You’ll work with our specialists across our Additive Manufacturing team, who with their expertise will help you manage your Precious Metal AM project. We know each project is intricate and we work to customise it to your needs and scale.

Our Services

  • Material Development, including parameters for your machine
  • Stock Management for multi-batch ordering – call off what you need, when you need it
  • Single item or low volume batches created when you need- for lean manufacturing processes
  • Helping you iterate your designs for continual improvement
  • Flexible machine and material purchase options

Adding Value

Additive Manufacturing can offer value throughout your production process and we can help unlock it. Whether that’s customising each part or batch without the need to start again or removing subassembly stages or even reducing the weight of your overall product to reduce costs.


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