Designing for 3D Printing Webinar & Resources

View the recording of our Designing of our webinar and all the resources you need to enter the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards.

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Thank you to everyone who watched our first ever webinar, and if you missed it you can view it here. You can also find the brief for the competition here.

Other Resources

During the presentation we mentioned other resources which might help your entry to this years Goldsmiths’ Awards and designing for 3D printing in general.

Design Guidelines

You can download our 3D Printing Design Guidelines here to help you create your designs. Remember, we want you to design for the technology as this key to the brief.

Team Contacts

On our webinar, we had two of our Production Technicians, Maria Shipman and Zoe Parry-Evans talk through designing for the technology and we actively encourage you to reach out if you have any questions relating to your design.

CAD Resources

During the webinar, we mentioned some resources and courses that you can use to help create your designs.

If you want to learn CAD Design, you can visit any of the following:

  • Youtube has some fantastic free CAD resources which you can learn in your own time and find the techniques to improve your design – one of our favorites is P D Chen Jewelery Design
  • The Goldsmiths’ Centre runs a regular CAD workshop as well as plenty of other courses that you can take part in to enhance your designs
  • has plenty of CAD courses aimed at jewellers, once you’ve purchased them you have them available so you can always refer back to cement your learning
  • Your local universities and colleges offer CAD design as part of their Jewellery Courses and may offer standalone CAD courses


Want to see designs in action, check out Marie Boltenstern’s beautiful designs, made using our 3D printing technology. You can see some of her pieces below.


We’ve created some designs that highlight certain design features such as a printed catalogue which is completely hollow inside and features a hidden pin printed with the design.

3D printed silver catalogue with hidden pin design

The piece below is a perfect example of designing for 3D printing. It doesn’t require any additional support structures due to its unique triangle shapes built into the design.

Self-Supporting Gold printed ring

Designed by Steven Meijles
Vakschool Schoonhoven
The Netherlands


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